Simple Cooking with Graham & Joan

SIMPLE COOKING WITH GRAHAM AND JOAN grew out of long time church member Joan Stoltz‘s desire to help women learn to cook. Joan has extensive experience in catering for various church events and weddings and so on and has a real desire to help people.

Her partner in crime is Graham Ries who grew up in the catering industry and too has a passion for helping people. Graham, who has papers as a Gourmet Chef, has only recently joined the ‘family’ at Anchor of Hope and in his capacity as a former chief cook and bottlewasher, joined with Joan to provide lessons for ladies in the area to learn to cook professionally, with the idea being to get these classes started and gradually upgrade to the point of where the students are being taught how to make a profit from their passion.

Here you see Graham and Joan working together with Lydia, who is from Uganda…

A chicken wrap made from scratch by the ladies in the class…

Joan poses with Fatima (Ghana), Lydia (Uganda), Macylene (Zimbabwe) and Charity (South Africa) – 4 of the star pupils of Simple Cooking with Graham and Joan
this was the very first time any of the students had made samoosas… They were delicious!


Classes are held from 12:00 to 15:00 every Saturday afternoon at the Church. Thanks to the massive upgrade of the building back in 2012/13, there is a beautiful open plan kitchen that the church is gradually equipping for the purpose of these classes. Fees are currently only R150 per month, which gives the student all four (and sometimes five) Saturday afternoons. Sadly, with the cost of living (i.e. the cost of ingredients) rising the way it is, this will have to go to R250 per month from January 2020.

We all have a great time chipping in and working together. Everyone calls each other Chef and we even occasionally wear hairnets as we pray together and cook and bake together! 

All students are requested to bring take away containers as they all share in whatever food was made that day – and everyone gets to taste it there in the kitchen as well as take some home for their families.

The recipes for the dishes that they have prepared so far are freely downloadable below.

Below the recipes are the application forms and the remainder of this years proposed curriculum.

These were the snacks the ladies made for the recently held Annual General Meeting of the Non-Profit Organisation.
Everyone there voted them absolutely delicious and a total success…



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